Selasa, 05 April 2011

kaijudo code

  • I make no excuses. (I dont make excuses for a loss)
  • My actions are my voice. (How I choose to play is how other players will see me)
  • I have no enemies. (My opponent is just another player like myself, and I should be friendly towards them)
  • My opponent is my teacher. (Playing with my opponent allows me to become a better duelist)
  • I need no deceitful tricks. (I dont need to cheat)
  • My character is my sword. (I wont become a better duelist by cheating myself and my opponent)
  • I think not of quitting. (I never forfeit)
  • My courage is my secret weapon. (My courage allows me to continue duelling)
  • I know not of defeat. (I keep dueling and learning, whether I win or lose)
  • My experience becomes my strength. (I learn to duel better, win or lose)
Kode-kode yang kudapat dari duel master Shadow of the code.GBA ^^ inspiratif.....

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